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Dyno gt bike parts - Sun recumbent bicycles.

Dyno Gt Bike Parts

dyno gt bike parts

dyno gt bike parts - Dyno-Boost Adjustable

Dyno-Boost Adjustable Fuel Controller Performance Chip Hyosung GT250R Fuel Injection

Dyno-Boost Adjustable Fuel Controller Performance Chip Hyosung GT250R Fuel Injection

MAGNUMTUNING FACTORY Dyno-Boost is a fully adjustable, MOTORCYCLE SPECIFIC fuel controller designed for all fuel injected bikes controlled by ECU, simply wires inline with the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) or MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor & plugs into the Oxygen sensor (if any). Dyno-BOOST tricks the ECU thinking the intake air much more cooler, then the ECU will send more fuel for a richer mix besides on O2 sensor models the unique oxygen sensor overriding circuit incorporated blocks restrictions effected by the ECU. It allows you to fully adjust the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR). Peppy acceleration, 15% extra horsepower & torque, lower quarter mile times & fine throttle response. Even people who are not technical minded will find, kit is not difficult to install just needs 20 minutes. It will not affect engine reliability & endurance. Remap factory engine or calibrate engine management to any performance exhaust, intake, etc. preinstalled. DYNO-BOOST increases HP by adjusting AFR between 12.7 & 14.7. Set advanced fuel trim, dialing a multi-turn screw. Adjustment needs no expertise. Injection is controlled in multiple ways. Chip modifies signals being read by the ECU, resulting adjustment to the AFR then again it monitors & overrides the O2 sensor (if any) signal accordingly the chip does not allow ECU to restrict the air/fuel ratio just has been fooled. Though performance chips are not especially for economy improvement & basically subjected to gain more HP, when modifying air fuel ratio, slightly at the expense of emission & noise level, efficiency of combustion is improved & you SAVE FUEL by up to 6%. Magnum TuningTM has been dealing with manufacture of upgrades since 1994. Magnum's experience warrants peak performance, reliability & perfect style. Magnum Parts are made in Europe & covered by 10-YEAR WARRANTY.

75% (11)

GT Dyno

GT Dyno

The first bike I owned was a GT Dyno in 1984. I rode it everywhere and insisted on repairing it myself if it ever had a puncture or needed parts. The first time I crashed it was after repairing a puncture in the front tube. I rode along the street where I lived and pulled a wheelie. I didn’t tighten the front wheel nuts enough and sure enough the wheel fell out of the forks leaving the forks planted in the tarmac and me over the bars and in a heap on the road. I never made the same mistake again. I still have the bike and have re-sprayed the it after leaving it to rot in the shed for years

Dyno 22-05-08 - Boost

Dyno 22-05-08 - Boost

First dyno run ever. Following ECU tuning. This shows power and boost pressure with standard T25 turbo. Puffs out at high revs.

dyno gt bike parts

dyno gt bike parts

Auterra A-302 Dyno-Scan for Windows CAN USB - OBD II Scan Tool and Dynamometer

Dyno-Scan for Windows CAN USB turns your Windows PC or laptop into a powerful automotive diagnostic and data analysis tool. 1996 or newer cars and trucks are supported - from Acura to Volvo and everywhere in between. Simply plug the USB cable into your PC and the OBD II cable into the diagnostic port located under the dashboard. No hard wiring or tools are required. Dyno-Scan is two products in one. First, it's a full-featured On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) scan tool capable of diagnosing a wide range of vehicle problems. Second, the dynamometer package measures engine horsepower and torque, acceleration times, and even instantaneous and average fuel economy. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Hungarian and Greek versions are included with every kit. Free software updates can be downloaded from the Auterra web site. A simple loose gas cap can cause the vehicle Check Engine light to turn on. Save money and diagnose Check Engine light problems yourself by reading the diagnostic trouble code and turning off the light. A few button presses is all it takes to read and clear codes. Internal databases contain thousands of generic and enhanced code definitions so you'll know exactly what each code means. View live vehicle sensor data in a graphical or list type format with record and playback. Read the vehicle freeze frame data, readiness monitors, on-board test results and so much more. Vehicle horsepower/torque and acceleration times are measured and graphically displayed. The performance meter features operate by measuring speed and RPM from the vehicle's computer during acceleration. Once the software has collected the data, a graph is displayed. Statistics are computed for the horsepower torque and acceleration runs, such as peak power, 0-60 and 1/4 speed and time.

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