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Pocket Bike Racing Games

pocket bike racing games

Bunny on a Bike Ride 4.4.2010

Bunny on a Bike Ride 4.4.2010

I loved the easter grass spilling out of this bunnies pockets.
Just under 150 Bunnies on Bikes gathered at the woodsy Columbia Park for the 7th Annual Bunny on a Bike Ride. Curiouser and Curiouser the organizers happened to be a Flamingo, The Caterpillar, and the Queen of Hearts! The theme must be Alice in Wonderland. Indeed, Indeed. A few Mat Hatters, Playing card guards, and plenty of lovely Alices!

Right before the ride began, the White Rabbit ran through the crowd "Oh My Paws & Whiskers! I'm Late, I'm Late" and the Bunnies on Bikes were off on a 2 hour trip through Portland's Northern Wonderland. The ride passed by the "Drink Me" water fountain and out of the park. If you were looking closely we passed a Giant Gold Key before entering Arbor Lodge Park where Alice read "How Doth the Little Crocodile". On we went and suddenly we became Smaller, as Paul Bunyan became larger! Through Kenton Park, Bunnies on Bikes took over the entire park, it was fun to look back and see a long line of bunnies. Here the most fabulous Easter Basket Bunny bike joined the ride! On we rode until we got to McCoy Park in the New Columbia neighborhood with the strange giant tree root sculpture lives. We stopped for "Eat Me" bunny snacks...unfortunately the Caucus Races were rained out, but luckily, Pasture Ted brought out the Peep Roast - which was very popular, and also produced a little warmth... on we biked to the Peninsula Crossing trail where we happened upon a bunch of psychedelic toadstools, and one even had a little Caterpillar on it who asked "Wooo are you?". Then we were invited to Play Croquet with a giant invitation and envelope from the Queen of Hearts herself! Oh now did we cry a pool of tears, We were all wet, and swimming down the trail.. when all of a sudden the Cheshire Cat appeared, changing colors, and disppearing in the wind, until he was just a head! Back to the Columbia Park the Bunnies on Bike swam through tears to a Tea Party and Croquet Game. The croquet game was cancelled because of the weather, but the lost tarts were found and served.... We played Tea party with a giant tea set, and then warmed our little frozen bunny fingers and toes over the Peep Roast Grill. But soon the few of us remaining realized that we just wanted to me warm and cozy at home, and said, You're just a Pack of Cards! (Special Artist Spoke Cards were passed out to the remaining 20+ bunnies still left). And then the last of the Bunnies on Bikes were off to new adventures. The End.

Pink Flamingo: Jenny Fosmire
The Catepillar: Chris McCraw
Alice: Lauren Pedersen
The White Rabbit: Timo Forsberg
The Queen of Hearts: Carye Bye

Props Team:
Theo Roffe
Stephanie Noll
Debbie West
& Organizers

Special Volunteers:
Migyoung & Ken
Bethany & Chris
All Who Corked
Anyone else who gave a hand

My Fridge

My Fridge

See notes for description.

Got the fridge when my grandmother died about 6 years ago. Its probably from the 70's or early 80's but it runs like a champ, pretty quiet, and if you turn it up to 10, the lower section can actually freeze stuff if you put it in the back.

pocket bike racing games

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